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Pórtico Restaurante Vila do Grove

" Vila do Grove "

Restaurant "Vila do Grove" open in April 1999. The first thing that truly draws attention is the decor and design , the front of the restaurante made of wood and Galician stone carved and brought from Galicia. Inside the dining rooms are design with Galician stone and wood, will bring you the exclusiveness of a select Galician ambiance, and Galicia into Marbella.

"Vila do Grove" specializing in Galician traditional cooking style, since traditional age in the country houses, Galician monasteries and seaworthy cooking, offers excellent food with recipes that are hundreds of years old combined today with touches of modernity. We only offer top quality products, seafood, fish and meats. Galicia has a unique and highly regarded gastronomy that uses seafood of every type for its starters and main courses. The fishing heritage and "ria" harvested shellfish result in a great many dishes being themed around something nautical and the freshness of the local catches enable simple cooking to bring out the flavour with a minimun of sources and marinades, although Galicia has a reputation for seafood generally, it is the shellfish and crustaceans for which the area has the greatest fame. All the Spaniards (and Portugueses) who visist the region in ever increasing numbers do so mainly because of its tremendous food and drink.

We are from O Grove- Pontevedra - Galicia. O Grove where the many of the 11.000 population earn ther living from fisherman's catches, seafood, shellfish and fish. The rich waters that surround O Grove have turned its fishing port into one of the mos important of Rias Baixas Galicia. We buy the best products to be auctioned every day in the fish market; lobster, carab, norway lobster, spider carb, shrimps, barnacles, flat lobster, velvet swimming grouper, sole, sea bass, red bream. In the restaurant we have sea water fish-pond, to keep the shellfish and seafood with live. We received deliverys every day by refrigerating transport from O Grove, Cambados, Cedeira, Vigo and Coruña. "O Grove is a seafood lovers paradise".

Galicia has products with Denominación de Origen (D.O.), some of them with Denominación de Origen Protegida (D.O.P.) are part of a system of regulation of quality with a guarantee. Meats: Galician Veal, Lacón. Cheese: Tetilla, San Simón, Arzúa-Ulloa and Cebreiro. Honey. Padron's Green Peppers. Wines: Albariño, Ribeiro, Monterrei and Ribeira Sacra.

Galicia is locate in the extreme North West corner of Spain, just above Portugal. Galica's west coast is on the Atlantic Ocean while the north coast is on the Cantabric Sea. Famous for its beautiful and varied landscape, rural and monumental buildings are characterized by the careful labour intensive use eith of stone and wood. Galicia known as "the green corner of Spain and the land of the 1000 rivers". Those reivers cross "rias". The coast itself offers great contrasts, from the smooth beaches of as mariñas to the dangerous cliffs Costa da Morte (the Coast of Death), all region from the mountainous inland to the coast where they from the cahracteristical small family farms of an acre or two exist growing vegetables, and cattle for milk, veal and beef, however many families live from sishermans's catches. The people of Galicia are descendents of Celtic people, whose myths, legends and belief in the mystic are strong even today. Galicia has two official languages, Galego (Galician) and Spanish. Traditionally Galicia economic depend mainly on agriculture and fishing.

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Restaurante Vila do Grove
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